By means of trees, wildlife could be conserved, pollution decreased and the beauty of our landscapes enhanced. This is the way, or at least one of the ways, to spiritual, moral, and cultural regeneration.
— E.F.Shumaker
November has been a month of construction nearing completion on the classroom and preparation for our first high school group who will be arriving in January.  Tourists are returning to hike as the rainy season subsides.

New micro hydro system installed for the classroom

Water sampling

 Kailen finished her research on dissolved oxygen levels in the streams.  She presented her work and it will be added to the research data on the Cloudbridge website.

Making pigs of themselves

What a ham!

Peccaries have been seen in large groups along the trails.

Adam Thorn Smith from Portland Oregon is a travel writer and a dart player affliated with Darts Around the World –  . He visited Cloudbridge with his travel partner Jules from Australia. 

Adam, Tom and Linda working on a project – an educational dart board for Cloudbridge visitors.
Jules – A seasoned traveller with many interesting stories. She kept us entertained!
The moths and butterflies here are spectacular.  We have captured some of the color and patterns on their wings. This is a reminder to stop and really look at the wonders of nature.
From January through March 2012 Cloudbridge will have two professional  biologists available for information and interpretive hikes.  The welcome centre will be open daily to provide basic orientation of the trails and information on reforestation activities at the reserve.
Visit for information on the exciting new student programs.




October is the rainy month and the rivers are running high.

What do we do when it is raining here?  We research, paint, do carpentry, cook and eat great meals, and take Spanish lessons.  Luke, Frank, Kailen, Tom and Linda are all taking lessons.   Necesitamos mucha practica!

Alex our Spanish teacher, and snake tamer!

Happy Halloween

Gourmet dinner at the Casa - East Indian Curry

There seems to be many animals out and about.  We have seen:  spider monkeys, squirrels, an armadillo, tayra, opossums, Palm viper snake(venemous – Bothriechis lateralis) , another snake that is orange called a liophis epinephalus, and a nest of angry bees.

Two amigos

Liophis epinephalus - Found by Tom's House (not venemous)

Palm Viper - He was enjoying the Gavalon cabin (venemous)

We are fortunate to have three researchers here.  Kailen from the US, Luke from South Africa, and Frank from the Netherlands. 


 This month  Frank arrived. Frank is a student from Holland and he is interested in Soil and Water Conservation related practices. He is studying Land and Water Management at Wageningen University in the Netherlands. Frank will be here for 3 months to do research on erosion of different land use forms. This research which is an internship will take place in the reserve Cloudbridge. He is going to analyze the erosion rates along the pasture fields and compare them with those of the forest. He wants to see as much as possible of the country and is hoping to have a amazing time here.


Luke is  investigating the potential use of PES  mechanisms to promote farmer participation in erosion control and improved watershed management. This will focus on the valleys between San Gerardo and Rivas, with specific focus on the strategic use of reforestation within pasture lands and riparian zones


Rivers are a critical habitat because they provide life-sustaining water, both for the local wildlife and for the humans who live by their banks. Unfortunately, the water flowing into those rivers is sometimes polluted. Using dissolved oxygen as an indicator of biological activity, Kailen is attempting to determine whether the water flowing from a particular spring is significantly impacted by its course through a cattle pasture. At the same time, she is using rough measures of water volume to determine whether most of the water reaching the river originates from the stream or from runoff. Runoff will bring dissolved nutrients and organic solids from the surrounding lands, and so increases the chance of contamination from the pasture.

Tom assisting Kailen with a water test

Testing the oxygen levels in the streams

Photos from our hike to Vulture Rock. 

Tom crossing the suspension bridge

Linda with Catarata Cloudbridge In the background. Typical tourist photo

Two more amigos. Frank and Luke

Massive Leaning tree on the Talamanca Reserve


Cloudbridge rolls out Cloudbridge Adventures, please pass the web page on to any high school or college students and/or teachers/professors.  Cloudbridge Adventures offers a group program as well as three summer sessions for individual students.